What we do

We provide the perfect learning experience.

Classting is an Edtech company that focuses on combining education with technology, while studying the newest trends, to provide the best learning experience for students.

In recent years, points of interests and particular fields of study include the following:
∙ educational social network that can generate real-time learning data
∙ learning content and learning tools platforms
∙ personalized learning, using artificial intelligence and learning Big Data

The Idea Behind Classting
Dave Cho, Classting, Inc. CEO, is a former elementary school teacher. During his time as a teacher, Cho was unable to find an educational service that his students would willingly use. Not wanting to force his students to use something they didn’t like, Cho decided to create a service that both students and teachers would love.
During that time, Cho’s friend, Jaesang Yoo, was working in the e-learning department for ETRI, a national research institute in Korea. When Cho shared his vision to Yoo, Yoo felt inspired to help create a service that would actually be used in classrooms.
The Birth of Classting
The Classting website launched in 2011. After countless meetings in motel rooms trying to develop the service so that it could be fun for students but also easy to use for elderly teachers, Classting Inc. was finally established in 2012. In this short year, Classting was awarded the Minister of Education Award by the Korean ministry of education for its contribution to education technology.
Support from Google and Softbank
In 2012, Classting won the Excellence Award and the Google Special Prize from the 2012 Global K Start-Up Competition held by Google and the Korean government. Cho was then invited to learn start-up culture at Google Ventures in Silicon Valley. Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, was so impressed that when he visited Korea, he mentioned Classting in a newspaper interview.
In 2013, Classting received funding from Softbank Ventures Korea and used those funds towards a new office. Greg Moon, CEO of Softbank Ventures, joined Classting as a member of the board of directors and guided the company using his extensive experience in business. With Moon’s help, Cho was able to introduce Classting and discuss the future of digital education with Masayoshi Son, Chairman of Softbank.
In 2014, Eva L. Baker and Li Cai, co-directors of UCLA CRESST, a National Educational Assessment Institute in the U.S., acknowledged the potential Classting had in making an educational impact in global classrooms. This resulted in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for joint industry-university research.
Global Expansion
In 2015, global offices were established in the U.S., China, and Japan to begin a full-fledged global expansion. Global media outlets, such as WSJ and Reuters, introduced Classting as a leading startup company in Korea. John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, even mentioned Classting as an internet business success story upon his visit to Korea.


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